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Ryan Fischer was one of the best. The kind of person that the world needs more of. The kind of person that makes everything and everyone around them better. A kind, positive, intelligent and proud young man, Ryan was full of promise and endless possibility. He was a beloved son, brother, teammate, and schoolmate. On March 7th, 2014, Ryan died in his sleep from complications caused by an enlarged heart. Ryan excelled both on and off the ice.  His resume was impressive to say the least.  Some of his accomplishments include:


  • 4.1 GPA - 32 ACT - National Honors Society

  • Varsity Letter (3 Years) and Team Captain in Hockey (2 years) 

  • Varsity Letter (2 Years) and Team Captain in Football (3 years)

  • Varsity Letter in Baseball

  • Student Government Executive Board Member (4 years)

  • MHSAA Student Advisory Council Member

  • MHSAA Scholar Athlete Award Winner

  • General Electric Star Scholarship Winner

  • Meijer Scholar Athlete Award Winner 

  • Accepted to the United States Military Academy at West Point

  • Accepted to the United States Naval Academy 

  • Logged 700+ Hours of Community Service

  • Youth Group Leader and 3 Year Mission Trip Participant






From a very young age, Ryan was determined to do whatever it took to fulfill his dream of serving his country and attending the United States Military Academy at West Point. Coming from a military family, the mantra God, Country and Family was one he held close to his heart.  On national holidays such as Memorial Day or Independence Day, you could find him at various cemeteries saying prayers for those that served before him, whether he knew them or not.  He loved his country and was not afraid to tell you that.  When he received notice of his acceptance to West Point, he said it was the best day of his life.    


Ryan was the kid that other parents hoped their kids became friends with.  He quoted famous military leaders, past presidents and most often, bible verses that had meaning to him or others.  He set great examples, was honest, passionate and kind, and when someone needed someone to talk to, he was always available.     

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